PowerUI Control Creator

Special Advantages

  • Complete procedures of control development

    Cover the whole development process of development, debugging, release, and packaging, making it much smoother to develop controls.

  • Minimal resource occupation and maximal running performance

    Further optimization in CPU and memory occupation. A great speed-up in the loading and using of controls.

  • Highly efficient control development

    The so-called controls actually are just a pile of attributes, a pile of drawings, and a collection of events. PowerUI Control Creator uniforms and abstracts these stuff to develop usable tools collection for various controls, which improves the development efficiency.

  • Very strong support for cross-platform controls

    Compatible with the development of different controls under multiple platforms, one code can be used under any platform.

Functional Characteristics
Visualized Layer Management
PowerUI Control Creator adopts image layer pattern to manage each primitive, performs visualized management and development on controls, and combine the layer pattern of primitives, making it much easier and more convenient to development controls.
Integrated Configuration Management
Since the developed controls run based on PowerUI SDK, the complicated features of many controls, like dragging, scrolling, auto-layout and so on, can be realized by simple parameters configuration.
Scripted Control Development
PowerUI Control Creator adopts JavaScript to finish the logic coding of a control. Because of the simplicity of JavaScript, the learning curve is lowered. The low level encapsulated JavaScript APIs make it convenient for us to control the low level system. Usually, one week’s workload of an intermediate developer can be finished in half day with PowerUI Control Creator. It considerably improves the development efficiency.