PowerUI Designer

What does PowerUI Designer change?

  • Abandon the Pattern of Coding Development

    Currently, most interface composition patterns employ an approach of self-drawing, image attachment, and massive coding work, which is over demanded for developers. The interface lacks a sense of beauty, and various other factors become the difficulties in interface development. PowerUI Designer adopts a visualized development approach, providing hundreds of control styles to meet the requirements from developers.
  • PowerUI Designer

    which has changed the current situation of interface development.

  • Highly Efficient Interface Development

    Provide rich interface controls and appearance themes of interface controls, by which users can rapidly complete the designing and building work of the interface. Concise, easy-to-use, and highly efficient API, make the game development as easy as writing an article. The complete documentation allows you to get started quickly.
Functional Characteristics

Visualized Interface Design and Development

Break through the traditional thinking of directly modifying XML file by users to compose and configure an interface. Block the technical requirement related to XML such as XML file processing. Instead, PowerUI Designer can do this work for you.

Cross Operating Systems and Cross Development Platforms

By PowerUI Designer, the interface development approaches under different platforms can be uniformed. After the design and composition of an interface in PowerUI Designer, import it into the corresponding platform for continued development. In this way, we do not have to change the original development pattern, and the interface design and the editing process can still be uniformed.

Massive Controls and Innovations

Provide massive controls, including various common controls used under Windows, Linus, Android, MaxOS and other platforms; in addition to the most fundamental and traditional controls, do divergent and revolutionary innovations for basic controls, to satisfy various new requirements from customers, and provide various control collections used in different industries. Considerably improve the development efficiency of the project and the product, and remarkably strengthen the power of the product.