Information Of New Version
PowerUI Studio toolkit includes: interface visualization editing tool PowerUI Designer, interface development package PowerUI SDK, control visualization development tool PowerUI Control Creator, control automation test tool PowerUI Control Test Tool, and interface PhotoShop plugin design tool PowerUI PS Builder.
Supported operating systems: Windows/Linux/Mac OS/iOS/Android
Supported development languages: Visual C++/C#/Visual Basic.Net/Delphi/C++ Builder/Objective-C/Java/Qt and so on.
New Version Features

More than 30 kinds of controls are added, including a variety of charts.

New chart controls have been added such as curve, bar chart, pie chart, 3D pie chart, 3D bar chart, radar chart and so on.

Newly Added Configuration Control Support

The newly added configuration controls can be used under the occasions like electric system and industry control system.

Brand New Editing Tool

The upgraded interface editing tool allows us to edit interfaces under multiple platforms simultaneously.

Optimize Drawing Efficiency and Memory Resource Occupation.

Take advantage of the brand new technologies of scripting engine and dynamic variables allocation, which lower 20% CPU power and memory occupation.